Executive coaching

Executive coaching is a special type of personal coaching course. In my view, due to its unique characteristics, it deserves a separate section. The professional and private lives and challenges of senior executives are very similar to those of middle managers, but there are also issues such as managerial loneliness, sustainability, social responsibility, the issue of legacy, or the sensitive process of the generational change.

As a first step, we describe the objective, where the leader wants to progress towards. Then, we map and prioritize development opportunities. We delve into the causes of behavioural patterns and develop an action plan to address potential barriers. I also support my client through change. In each phase of the process, key stakeholders may also contribute to the success of the change.

My senior coaching services are available in both Hungarian and English.

Should you need any other type of coaching conversation beyond these, I am at your disposal. Ask for an offer!

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